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Top quality, professional training in TV & Film is expensive, so wouldn't it be great if you could get a little extra towards your next course?

Well, some good news. Creative Skillset's new released bursaries mean freelancers can get up to £800 towards their next training course. And to help you navigate the process for applying - and find out whether you're eligible - we've created a handy summary below. 

There are two types of bursary now available: the first, for those working in TV drama, is called the 'High End TV' bursary; the second is for professionals in Film and is called the 'Craft and Technical' bursary. 

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The High End TV Bursary - What you need to know: 

Up to £800 is available for eligible individuals to cover course fees, travel and childcare costs (where applicable). The roles currently being prioritised for funding include Line Producers, Production Managers, Production Coordinators, Accountants and 1st & 2nd ADs. 

Find out here about DV Talent's Intro to Production Management and Essential Skills for Production Coordinators courses. 

To apply for a bursary for a training course in one of these areas, you MUST meet the following criteria: 

  • Have proven professional working experience in the UK screen industries
  • Have been accepted onto a training course
  • Can demonstrate that the training will benefit your career progression within the TV industry  

When submitting your application form you will need to supply a letter confirming your place on a training course - so contact your training provider first! 

It will take up to 4 weeks for your application to be processed by Creative Skillset. 
Your course must start at least 24 hours after you submit your application

To apply for a place on DV Talent's Intro to Production Management and Essential Skills for Production Coordinators courses, please email confirming you have met the eligibility criteria. 

Once you've received your course offer letter, download your application form for the High End TV Bursary here 

Deadline for applications is 30th March 2018

Only valid for courses starting before March 31st 2018 

The Craft and Technical Bursaries - The Film Skills Fund: What you need to know:  

Training grants of up to £800 are available for film professionals to spend towards the cost of training in one of the following key priority areas: 

  • Camera
  • Post Production - including Editing 
  • Sound (Production) 
  • VFX - Compositing, Rigging 
  • Hair & Make Up 
  • Costume
  • Health and Safety

Find out here about DV Talent's courses for Camera, Post Production/ Editing, Sound & VFX

Find out about The Iver Academy's Hair and Make-Up courses here 

You can apply for this Bursary if you meet the following criteria: 

  • You can demonstrate proven professional experience of working regularly in the UK film industry as a freelancer.
  • Applicants should have at least two credits above trainee level on feature films or feature-length documentaries.
  • You have evidence of being accepted on the training course (s) you want to attend 
  • You are able to demonstrate how the training you are applying for will benefit your career. 

Before submitting your application you will need a confirmation letter from your course provider - so contact your training provider first

It will take up to 4 weeks for your application to be processed by Creative Skillset.
Your course must start at least 24 hours after you submit your application

To apply for a DV Talent training course, please email  You MUST specify which course (s) you are interested in and confirm you've checked your eligibility 

Once you've received an offer letter from your training provider, download your Craft and Technical Bursary application form here 

Deadline for applications is 31st January 2018

Only valid for courses running before 28th February 2018

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