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Grierson Nominee Dan Murdoch on 'Transsexual Teen, Beauty Queen' Nov 6, 2013

Following the world’s youngest transsexual as she attempts to win Miss England and draw attention to the challenges she’s faced to become her true self. From bullying to suicide attempts, surgery to the catwalk, follow one girl’s brave attempt to achieve acceptance for who she really is.

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Grierson Nominee Tom Mustill on 'Kangaroo Dundee' Nov 4, 2013

Brolga is a tough Australian who lives in the desert outback with a mob of orphaned kangaroos. He rescues baby joeys from the roadside when their mothers are killed and nurses them back to health. His lifetime among kangaroos has given him extraordinary insight into their behaviour. Now he's sharing his one-room tin shack with three joeys he hopes to return to the wild. But with wildfires and marauding wild dogs, will they make it?

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Grierson Nominee Nicola Roberts on 'Arena: aka Norman Parkinson' Nov 1, 2013

On the centenary of his birth, Arena examines the glamorous life and exceptionally long career of pioneering photographer Norman Parkinson, an eccentric English gentleman who also produced his own brand of sausages. Featuring an abundance of beautiful images and with previously unseen footage, the film explores Parkinson's work with contributions from his models and collaborators, including Iman, Jerry Hall and Carmen Dell'Orefice, Grace Coddington, Creative Director of Vogue, as well as his grandson, Jake Parkinson-Smith.

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Grierson Nominee Lesley Gardiner on 'Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile' Oct 31, 2013

This exclusive ITV investigation alleged that TV icon Sir Jimmy Savile was a sexual predator who preyed on young girls. The programme generated enormous media coverage, lead to a nationally co-ordinated police investigation and led to a doubling of calls to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

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Grierson Nominee Chris Terrill on the making of 'Theatre of War' Oct 30, 2013

Theatre of War follows a unique collaboration between two unlikely partners leading to a ground-­‐ breaking West End play that shocked, entertained and inspired all who saw it. Professional front line soldiers, all badly injured, joined forces with a West End theatre company to help write, rehearse and perform a play based on their experiences of war. This feature documentary follows every aspect of the process to tell an incredibly moving and powerful story.

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Grierson Nominee Guy King on documentary ‘Love & Death in City Hall’ Oct 29, 2013

The circle of life in one room: how strange that we register life’s happiest and saddest events in the same place. Located largely within the register office at Belfast City Hall, this is a heartbreaking but spirit-lifting tale about how Belfast people experience the biggest things in life: birth, marriage and death.

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