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Wiretap Productions

Wiretap Productions

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About Us

We do news and new media, corporate and current affairs, documentary and drama, music and comedy.

We work with companies and charities, broadcasters and websites.

We have filmed with Tony Blair and Yoko Ono, Liverpool gang members and Mormon missionaries, fairground families and Fathers 4 Justice.

We have filmed in New York, Hawaii, Sydney, Lahore, Las Vegas, Borneo, Beijing, Delhi, Dubai, Cape Town and Cairo.

We use big cameras, small cameras, secret cameras and underwater cameras. We have shot in police cars and ambulances, speed boats and helicopters.

We produce, direct, write, report, shoot, edit and manage productions.

We are trained journalists who can film and cut to prime time television standards.

We can make anything from a thirty second advert for online to a feature length documentary for cinemas - and everything in between.

We work hard and we like a challenge.

Sometimes we have a few hundred pounds, sometimes we have hundreds of thousands of pounds, whatever the budget we provide both quality and value for money.

Media Sectors

  • Broadcast Television
  • Commercials
  • Corporate Communications
  • Music Promos
  • Radio
  • Feature Film
  • Short Film
  • Theatre
  • Online Content

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